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Child Resistant Glass Flower Containers

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Child Resistant Dropper and Pipettes

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Child Resistant Concentrate Containers

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Cannalocks is committed to providing consumers with child resistant solutions.

We work with the mission of restricting access to potentially harmful substances, while creating a sense of security for both the producer, and the user, in all industries. We believe that restricting access through locking technologies will create a new user experience, along with adding technique to how we safeguard our daily lives.

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Cannalocks, a great team with straight shooters, looking to be your partner every step of the way

Blair Espinoza

When I wanted to be unique and different in my locking solutions, the Cannalocks team was able to brainstorm with my team, in order to develop a solution that was aesthetically different, yet could provide the safety and security my solution required. This was done timely, and without multiple iterations, as time was of the essence

Phillip Hook

After working with Cannalocks, I can state that they are the most helpful, polite, and hardworking group of people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. If there is ever a problem of any sort, their team quickly reacts to make sure the problem is solved, and the root cause is eliminated to prevent reoccurrence.

Steven Pappas

Cannalocks took my idea and made it shelf ready in weeks, creating brand recognition beyond my expectations

Sandy FIcher

I was not only impressed with the final result of my package, but with the process that Cannalocks took me through to get to the final stage was equally impressive. Cannalocks provided consistent communication throughout the design journey. Cannalocks provides design talent with laser-focused attention to detail.” “A huge pleasure to work with.

Grant Larkin