Sustainability without compromising Marketability

At Cannalocks, it our mission to achieve zero waste in our printing and packaging production. Our engineers can design unique solutions that follow your products specification. In addition, we utilize only clean and sustainable printing methods, including FSC paper products as well as soy ink to create modern, striking, and environmentally friendly products.

Some additional benefits of using molded fiber solutions are;

  • Excellent shock and vibration cushioning
  • Nestable and stackable, saving transportation and warehouse costs
  • Lower packaging cost by up to 70%

Molded Trays coupled with a paper card backing creates a fully recyclable solution. These fiber trays can be made in specialty colors, and form factors. The paper backing also creates a large blank area, which provides a canvas for branding and content.

Many of our clients prefer a hinged style closure, and with Cannalocks, there are no limitations. Cannalocks CAN provide solutions with not only living hinges, but also 0 degree draft angles to form the most complex designs.

Cannalocks R&D team is currently validating a fully recyclable, child resistant, slider box. We believe this can be the perfect solution for cartridges, edibles, extracts, or pre-rolls. Contact us to learn more about how we can cater a solution that will showcase your product, while reducing your carbon footprint.



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