At Cannalocks, we believe the prerequisite to a premium pre-roll is to differentiate yourself from the pack. Although the joint was invented in the 1800’s does not mean your packaging needs to follow suit. We offer a broad range of pre-roll pack solutions for you to customize, thus delivering the perfect brand appeal that your customers’ desire.


Pre-Roll Metal Tins

Tins allow your pre-roll packaging to be fully customizable. From print, to structure, the opportunities are endless. Tins can be fitted with hinges, and windows, in order to create a wonderful out-of-box experience. We love the fact that a tin can also be reused by the client, carrying your brand even when the roaches are gone.

Not your average Plastic Pre-Roll Tube

Sustainability is our mission, so we have chosen to offer the most advanced pre-roll tube from an environmental standpoint. This bio-composite pre-roll tube is made from 100% renewable resources that have a zero-carbon footprint. Choose the color black, as it is from USDA certified “99% new carbon”, and does not use any carbon black that is fossil-fuel derived.

Pre-Roll Boxes

Boxes provide the perfect footprint for brand recognition, and can increase product value. Inside and Out, our paper solutions can be tailored to your requirements. Cannalocks can also provide 100% recyclable paper pre-roll packaging options that are child resistant.



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